About Buybillion

BuyBillionTM is an established provider of cloud solutions for businesses.With over 4 years of experience, the company offers cloud-based services,with a customer-centered approach.We also deliver services of web-hosting and Linux server technical support,in line with better customer service and proven record of expertise.The company assures 24/7 support, with a lot of focus on quality and accuracy. BuyBillion is a reputed cloud computing company that was established in the year 2010 with its headquarter based at Coimbatore, India.

Today, the company has proliferated its wings across the globe with its professional teams operating in 3+ global countries. We have a creative team of skilled professionals who have in depth knowledge in various technologies including Open source technologies and Microsoft technologies to serve our valuable clients.

Cloud Computing Services

BuyBillion providing a cloud based services listed below :
  • Cloud Computing

    Here we provide storage space for the customers. depend on their needs. As a plain server or with OS built or with OS & applications.




  • Servers

    We provide dedicated, shared and VPS servers depend on the cost and needs of the customer.Also the support depends as fully managed, semi-managed and managed.

    Dedicated / Shared Server

    Cloud Instance


  • Web hosting Services

    Web hosting service, we purchase the domain for our customers and park or we will park the domains with us that customers already purchased.

    Purchase domain for customer

    Park the domains customer has purchased

  • Ad-on Service

    Monitoring Support

    Backup Support

    Mail Support

  • Ticketing Service

    Web Panel Support

    Virtualization Support

    Server Hardening

    Server Optimization Support

    Troubleshooting Linux Servers

    Installing & Configuring Packages

    Troubleshooting on RAID & LVM Concept

    Performance Fine tuning

    Error faced on Linux servers